Surface hardening in the Oil and Gas Industry

Expanite® knows your industry

Oil &Gas At Expanite® we have have the knowledge and experiences to supply your products with the correct process, which endure the unique and extreme conditions of this industry.

We have many years of experience as supplier for oil & gas industry. We aim at constantly strenghten our know-how and expertise within the industry and we guarantee you the most ideal heat treatment of your components.


you risk expensive down time, loss of efficiency in the supply chain and lower quality products.

Benefits, Expanite® surface hardening 

  • Keeps your machinery and tools fit for operation
  • Reduce risk of unplanned breakdowns and maintenance
  • Extend lifetime 
  • Increase surface hardening by a factor of 10

” We know that when working with Expanite, there is plenty of soild advise and sparring to get – and Expanite teach us things to be done differently. Typical characteristics for companies growing successfully.”

Odd Harry Omholt, Quality Control – Norway

SSP case picture

Do you need more information?

Let´s talk about how Expanite surface hardening can improve wear, galling and corrosion resistance on your stainless steel or titanium parts

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