On-site surface hardning

Streamline the Expanite® solution into your own production line

Everything is a little bit smoother...

With Expanite you can go one step further in optimising production flow and quality assurance. With an on-site installation you are back in control of when you need to process your parts. 

...resulting in big savings! 

With an on-site solution you can avoid transportation to-and-from your facility, reduce work-in-progress and inventories - all in all enabling a lean and smooth production flow - and building the bases for improving your customer responsiveness. 

Furnace 360

Expanite Komponenter

The package

In order to implement an on-site solution, you will need to invest in equipment and sign a license agreement with Expanite®. Your part(s) have previously been validated in an Expanite® treatment center and you have had plenty of opportunities to test and confirm the target specification. 

Once agreed upon, the target specification is the product we guarantee to you and with Expanite's quality control system we constantly monitor the processes taking place in your furnace(s) and thereby ensure second-to-none quality. 

On-site vs. treatment centers

On Site

On-site treatment

1: Expanite® license agreement

2: Purchase of furnace


  • Most efficient solution
  • Quality
  • Flexibility and independence with on-site control
  • Full traceability (Expanite Sample Flow System)

Treatment Center

Expanite treatment center

1: Day-to-day treatment at our facilities



  • More efficient than other solutions
  • Quality
  • Full traceability

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