Design and solution

Goes beyond the surface to meet your exact specifications

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Expanite® is much more than just a provider of hard corrossion resistant surfaces. We go beyond the surface to provide a solution to you that could include recommending new alloy and treatment processes - all with the purpose of making you more competitive. typical steps include: 

1: Performance requirements
We need to understand your requirements and application in order to design the best solution.

2: Analysis and consultancy
Once we know what you need, we have the capabilities – both in human-ware and hard-ware - to analyse more precisely what is needed in terms of surface hardening, and typically we run a series of trials with you to make sure that our product matches your expectations.

3: Process design
This is the crucial step where Expanite® capabilities meets your needs!

4: Production test
Now we move from experimental equipment to full-size production test, documenting to you that our solution is feasible no matter batch size

5: Implementation
Here you make your decision – onsite at your facility with the license to run your dedicated Expanite process, or at our Expanite®Treatment Center – no matter what we are ready.

Do you need more information?

Let´s talk about how Expanite surface hardening can improve wear, galling and corrosion resistance on your stainless steel or titanium parts

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