Expanite® surface hardening process

Goes beyond the surface to reduce lead time and costs

Two smooth options

The Expanite® processes on stainless steel are clean and super-efficient. You can choose to have your material processed in our treament center on a day-to-day basis, or opt for a fully automatic solution installed directly in your production line. Either way, operations are streamlined,and all parts are completely traceable for quality control.

Treatment in a few days

Unlike alternative solutions the processes are fast, versatile and with no restrictions on the geometrical shape or size of the parts. The flexibility and efficiency of the solution means that we can get your parts back to you in a matter of days. Read more about our extremely short lead time here.

Streamline it into your own production line

Imagine having the Expanite® processes implemented directly in your production flow – this is not just imagination but actually easily done! Contrary to any other surface-hardening processes we made it possible to install and run the furnaces in your premises. Read more about our unik on-site soulutions here.


For on-site solutions, we have teamed up with the global furnace supplier SECO/WARWICK and together we can provide one complete package: process design, equipment and license – everything you need – and it is simple and straightforward to install and operate. The user operates a one-button program-control while data access and remote process supervision is done via Expanite’s process control system.

Remember: Expanite® is comparable with "what you know" as:

  • Carburizing
  • Hard chrome plating
  • Plasma nitriding
  • Ion nitriding
  • Kolsterising®* 
  • Salt bath nitriding

*(Kolsterising is a trademark owned by Bodycote plc).

No cleaning:

Expanite® processes leave no soot or other residues on the hardened surface, eliminating the need for any post cleaning. 

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