Our Trademarks:

We have two registred trademarks:


Usage Guidelines:

We value the integrity of our trademarks and kindly request your adherence to the following usage guidelines when referring to products or services related to SuperExpanite or Expanite:

  • Expanite or SuperExpanite must always be written with accurate capitalization (Expanite/SuperExpanite)

  • Acknowledge Registration: Include the registered trademark symbol (®) the first time you mention SuperExpanite or Expanite within your content.

  • Maintain Originality: Refrain from altering, abbreviating, or modifying the trademarks in any manner that might cause confusion or misinterpretation. Never abbreviate, change or modify our trademarks

Your collaboration in adhering to these guidelines is immensely valued, as it reinforces the authenticity of our trademarks and ensures their accurate representation in the market


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