Expanite patented box

Patented technology

Expanite® is a game-changing surface hardening process for stainless steel coating that will make you and your customers much more competitive.

Our patented and proven technology, scientific know-how and flexible delivery model significantly improves product performance, quality, and reduces costs.

Expanite tailormad box

Expanite - not another coating

The Expanite® heat treatment effectively removes the oxide film covering stainless steels. This allows controlled incorporation of carbon and nitrogen atoms in the underlying metal. The hardened layer is characterized by an expansion of the material structure. We call this zone expanded austenite, expanded martensite, or simply: Expanite.  

Expanite tailormad box

Tailor-made to our needs

Expanite® gaseous surface engineering relies on the understanding of, and meeting the required properties for your application. When we’re involved in designing the process or the materials selection, it can contribute to a better match to your needs – and ultimately, improve your product to give you a competitive advantage.