Expanite License Solutions (ELS) – everything is a bit smoother, resulting in big savings financially and environmentally!

The ability to offer license installations was there since day one in the life of Expanite – breaking the dependency of having to ship components across the Atlantic for a specific hardening process was a requirement of Expanite’s first major license customer in the US.

Today the ELS “package” spans over equipment, processes, software and onsite training. Equipment is typically bought directly at a furnace manufacturer, where Expanite recommends Seco Warwick (https://www.secowarwick.com), while process knowledge, software and training is provided directly by Expanite.

Within the umbrella of ELS, Expanite offers two different paths depending on your business and business model. 



Get a captive solution, and gain control!

If you are a manufacturing company where surface hardening and/or heat treatment is needed on your components, whether sourced or in-house manufactured, it could make sense to install furnaces in your production line or at your primary supplier. This is referred to as captive heat treatment.

The justification for becoming a captive might be many:

  • It can be driven by share volume and thereby cost savings. Costs can be saved through the value chain, including shipping, work-in-progress, QC, etc. – and with a significant gain in your sustainability accounts
  • Your industry might have special requirements as are seen within e.g. aerospace, medical device or automotive. By moving the hardening process in-house, you will move the process within your current quality scope and thereby de-risk your setup
  • Or strategic considerations, where an inhouse process could give your business competitive advantages.

Get a captive solution, and gain control!

If you’re considerable supplier of components that includes surface hardening and today ship these outside your factory, you might want to consider installing furnaces and get a license to process components inhouse, and eventually market Expanite to your customers. Promoting surface hardening along your manufacturing capabilities might give you a competitive edge and new business opportunities. The franchise option might even be relevant if you’re a commercial heat treater in a market where Expanite isn’t already active.

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