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Surface hardening results in x7 times better performance!

The Danish specialist company Murergrej.dk, who focuses on high-end tools for bricklayers, has with great success applied Expanite hardening on some of their tools in austenitic and martensitic stainless steel. "Previously we had problems with our brick joint trowel wearing out too fast, but after surface hardening these with Expanite’s technology, test results showed that the tools last 7 times longer" says Murergrej.dk owners Jens Seest Knudsen and Jesper Bruun.

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Finding a Replacement for Hard Chrome Plating

Article from Fastener Technology Magazin. "Major automotive, pumps and food processing equipment makers can’t be wrong in choosing an alternative for hard chrome plating". Read more

Expanite supporting RennTeam Uni Stuttgart

Article from Fastfix Technology.com
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ExpaniteHard-Ti Q&A - Industrial Heating

Q & A about ExpaniteHard-TI in Industrial Heating magazin.
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Expanite in the depths of the aritc ocean

Article from Process Industry.
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Expanite surface hardening replaces hard chrome plating in the food industry

Article from International dairy.com 
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Strengthening Stainless Steel with Surface Hardening Technology

Stainless steel is the material of choice for food processing equipment, both because of food safety regulations and because it has an oxide layer that hinders the formation of rust.
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Expanite replacing tungsten carbide coating

Expanite is widely replacing coatings in a variety of demanding applications
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Titanium hardening - Making something hard even harder!

Blog from Horage telling about using the ExpaniteHard-Ti hardening process on their AUTRAK titanium watch.
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Expanite collaborates with ENPULSION

Expanite and ENPULSION the world leading manufacturer of electric propulsion systems for nano- and microsatellites collaborate successfully in solving wear and galling challenges in the production line at ENPULSION. 
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Stainless Steel Focus March 2019

Expanite surface hardening replacing tungsten carbide coating on stainless steel.
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Kern-Liebers, Expanite expand cooperation in China

Stainless Steel World Feb 2019
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Fastener Technology International Feb 2019

Expanite stainless steel surface hardening technology replaces tungsten carbide coating.
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Coatings World Feb 2019

A year after launching Expanite’s surface hardening technology for stainless steel in the Chinese market, KERN-LIEBERS and Expanite have signed a joint agreement
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The Monty December 2018

Expanite the Danish pioneer specializing in surface hardening of stainless steel and titanium—is widely replacing coatings in a variety of demanding applications.
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Stainless Steel Focus 08/2018

The transition to cheaper and more environmentally friendly fuels is crucial to the future of the shipping industry, and MAN Diesel & Turbo is a major player in that market.
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The Monty June 2018

MAN Diesel & Turbo’s newest generation of gasdriven engines already plays a key role in the sector’s fuel conversion from oil to alternative energy. When developing the engine, Expanite and MAN Diesel & Turbo collaborated in solving the installation of their gas injection valve in the engine.  
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Stainless Steel Focus 03/2018

Outstanding results on Monel/Inconel!In recent weeks and month, Expanite has developed various surface hardening solutions for the pump and valve markets.
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Fastener Technology June 2018

Surface Hardening Technology for Stainless Steel Solves Challenges for Maker of Diesel Engines. Transition to cheaper, more environmentally friendly fuels is crucial to the future of manufacturers in the shipping industry
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Cendres+Métaux SA and Expanite A/S join forces

Cendres+Métaux and Expanite have signed a partnership agreement to promote Expanite's innovative hardening technology of stainless steel and titanium in the Swiss watch industry. 
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The Monty March 2018

“Cendres+Métaux is the leading supplier of precious metal parts to the Swiss watch industry with a long history of innovation and excellence. With its recent acquisition of PRG Manufacture SA it is venturing into high-performance non-precious materials and now has the know how to provide true one-stop-shop solutions to clients for cases, bracelets, buckles and movement parts. Expanite is a stainless steel surface hardening specialist"
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New boardmember at Expanite

Expanite, the global supplier of stainless steel surface hardening, is strengthening its board of directors.
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Furnace squeezed out

To balance our production capacity in Northern Europe we have relocated one furnace
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Expanite in International Dairy Magazine

Expanite introducing their surface hardening process at Drinktec 2017
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Expanite in Brauwelt International

The Danish company developed a new process to increase surface hardening of stainless steel by a factor of 10. At the same time, the solution improves corrosion resistance and makes it possible for beverage manufacturers to reduce downtime and costs. 
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Stainless Steel Focus 06/2017

Expanite now ISO9001:2015 certified
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Stainless Steel Focus / 11-2016

Expanite surface hardening process ideal for stainless steel pumps
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Industrial Heating / Sep-2016

Expanite has developed an advanced gaseous process for low-temperature surface hardening of stainless steel.
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