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Expanite supporting RennTeam Uni Stuttgart

Expanite has consulted and advised the students at the RennTeam Uni Stuttgart in identifying and solving some of their challenges with wear on the titanium parts in their racing car.

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Company: RennTeam Uni Stuttgart

Expanite replaces hard chrome plating in the food industry

LIAG® LÄUFER is a specialist in hygienic shutter valves and pigging systems. The products are designed to meet the high safety demands in the food industry, and must withstand significant abrasive wear and corrosion aggressive environment. Their stainless-steel cones were originally specified with hard chrome plating. Due to the potential health risks however, hard chrome plating is increasingly prohibited in the food industry. LIAG® LÄUFER needed to find an alternative.  

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Customer: Liag Läufer

The Swiss watch manufacture Horage SA also use Expanite hardening

The Swiss watch company Horage is about to release a new watch- the 10 years limited edition: The Autark.

When developing the watch, it was very important to Horage that the Autark watch was extremely resistant to wear to protect the watch from scratches that will appear from daily wear.

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Company: Horage

Expanite goes into space

Expanite goes into space - solving wear and galling challenges in the production line at ENPULSION

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Company: Enpulsion

SAE RacingTeam in Munich

Expanite, supports the students at the SAE Racing Team in Munich to solve the challenges experienced with wear on titanium components in their racing car.

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Company: SAE RacingTeam Munich

Expanite solved challenges for MAN Diesel & Turbo.

The transition to cheaper and more environmentally friendly fuels is crucial to the future of the shipping industry, and MAN Diesel & Turbo is a major player in that market.

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Company: MAN Diesel & Turbo

SSP improves corrosion resistance with an on-site Expanite®solution.

"Adopting the Expanite process lets the company offer industry leading performance of our instrumentation tube fittings, especially the critical back ferrule" Jeff King, CEO at SSP

Corrosion resistance is critical in environments related to chemical processes and oil and gas applications, where SSP’s tube fittings must not leak.


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