Improving wear, galling or corrosion on stainless steel and titanium

Expanite® goes beyond the surface

Expanite®  the best solutions for surface hardening of stainless steel


Based on ongoing research since 2000, and founded in 2010 by leading scientists in the field of surface hardening on Stainless Steel, Expanite® has its roots deeply planted in a fact-driven environment.

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The philosophy is quite simple; we want to offer the best solutions for surface-hardening of stainless steel.Expanite® is changing the game by not only moving the limits of what performance can be expected from stainless steel but also by letting our customers implement the processes directly in their facilities.

Please contact us to discuss your challenges with ware, galling or corrosion on stainless steel and we will together find the best heat treatment solution for your stainless steel.

Expanite your world-wide surface hardening partner


From our state-of-art facility just north of Copenhagen,
Denmark with full-size furnaces and laboratory capabilities - to the shop-floor of our customers - we want to give our customers a competitive edge.

Today Expanite® has customers from many regions around the world who either appreciate our outstanding service from our treatments centers or who has equipment of their own executing Expanite’s technology.

No matter where and how, we guarantee the same first-class product and support, and we are pushing ourselves and our customers to set new standards for the application of stainless steel and titanium within a wide range of industries. Don’t hesitate to approach us if you would like to learn how we can help you.

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