We know the importance of quality in all we do

- Quality under the surface

At Expanite we put quality first. We don´t believe in making shortcuts or taking chances with your products our service or processes.

At Expanite both large and small changes contribute to development, which is why creating a culture where continuous improvement is encouraged and good ideas are put into use, is highly prioritized.

Expanit´s employees play an important role in the development of the operation. Each employee strives to make improvements in his or her own Workplace that enhance performance and quality. Therefore, we have on Niels-Henning´s initiative, in order to improve quality for employee as well as customer now installed brand new LED tube light in the warehouse. Niels Henning states: Now I don’t even need my reading glasses to inspect and sign for the goods.

We always ensure maximum focus on quality for you as a customer, for our own employees and for the environment.